I opened my eyes and saw my husband, Josh, holding my hand, looking very serious. He was telling me that we would get through this, that even if I had to learn to walk again, that whatever it took, we would be okay. I remember thinking, “It’s okay, honey. I just have a headache.” We had been married for a year. The next time I opened my eyes Josh was leaning over me. I was on my side in the emergency room and the doctor had just asked him to hold me steady while he gave me a spinal tap to check for meningitis. Josh held me so firmly, terrified by the risks of a misplaced needle, that his arms were shaking from the strain. I tried to tell him, “Don’t worry about holding me. I can’t move anyway.” I had lost the use of my limbs hours before, maybe even days. And now it seemed my power of speech was gone, as well.

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